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Use Your Good Anger for Good

Anger is a whistle-blower emotion. Whistle-blowers spill the beans on what’s really going on in the company or organization. In South Africa, former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi, dropped bombshells at the State Capture Commission of how our ex-President allegedly accepted bribes – although still unproven in a court of law.  Apparently, Bosasa also supplied friends […]

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The Art of Blame-Shifting

1 Samuel Ch. 13 is a fascinating account of blame-shifting. Saul is king and has 3000 fighting men, according to v2. In v3, Jonathan, Saul’s son – the crown prince – defeats a Philistine garrison and the Philistines gather to march on Israel. The Philistines, however, have 30 000 chariots (the equivalent of having tanks […]

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Saul and the Medium of En-dor

In desperate times, many people turn to desperate measures. It was April 1945 – near the end of World War 2.  The telephone rang in Adolf Hitler’s bunker.  It was the Minister of Propaganda on the line, Joseph Goebbels. He spoke to Hitler and he was ecstatic. Although the Allies were pressing from the West, […]

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God’s Word Above All Things?

Article 6 of the 39 Articles of Religion on the “The sufficiency of Holy Scripture for our salvation” says, Holy Scripture sets forth everything that is necessary for our salvation. Consequently, nobody should be required to believe as an article of the Christian faith, or to regard as necessary for salvation, anything that is not […]

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King 540

He did Evil in the Eyes of the Lord

King Manasseh is a conundrum.  He was the most evil king Judah ever had and yet he was the longest reigning king. (cf. 2 Chronicles 33)  In the Old Testament books of Kings and Chronicles every king’s life is summed up either by, “he did what was evil in the sight of the Lord” or […]

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Six Characteristics of a Healthy Church

  I’m sure you know of the couple who woke up one Sunday morning and the wife said to her husband, “Get up or you will be late for church!”  Her husband replied, “I really don’t feel like going to church and I don’t like the church people that much anyway.   Give me 3 reasons why […]

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Is the world officially out of control?

You probably have watched the news this week and seen the aeroplane crashes, the storms, the violent invasions, the violence, the sorrow and all the pain – and thought to yourself – the world is officially out of control.  The Bible, however, tells us that the world is, for the record, not out of control; […]

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Coffin Small

Should Christians be Buried or Cremated?

A not-to-be-named website claims, “Cremation is devil worship by profanely desecrating the human body which is a good gift from God.” Recently I attended a conference and one of the speakers stated that is was his “very strong conviction” that Christians should not be cremated, but buried in the ground. I thought his reasoning for […]

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The Gender Agenda

Why don’t we have any women pastors in our denomination? Why do men lead our Sunday church services? Does Christianity squash women? What place do women have in ministry? The apostle Paul answers most of these questions in 1 Timothy 2:8-15, one of the most controversial passages in the Bible. The whole letter is all […]

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The Painting and the Extravagant Worship

We’ve all read about the huge furore about Brett Murray’s painting “The Spear”.  The painting is of Jacob Zuma, our president, with certain parts of his body exposed.  How are we to respond? The Bible does teach that we are all made in the image of God and deserve dignity and respect.   The Bible teaches that we should […]

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