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Cape Town Women’s Convention 2015: A Wealth of Wisdom

Ask any Christian woman what she thinks of the Proverbs 31 woman and the honest answer may look like a grimace. For who can even hope to compare to this fictional woman who seems to be the archetypical perfect woman, wife and mother? This woman is the very reason many Christian women avoid delving into […]

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When the Spirit comes…

“When the Spirit comes He will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgement…” John 16:8 The words quoted above were spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ to His disciples on the eve of His arrest, trial and execution by the Roman authorities. They are words which in their context […]

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Emmanuel Church Phoenix recent response to Xenophobia

In the weeks that passed, Emmanuel Church Phoenix had a wonderful opportunity not only to serve our local community, but also the needs and challenges of many foreign nationals who were displaced during the recent Xenophobic attacks.  The township of Phoenix was chosen as one of a few camps set up in the wider Etekweni […]

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The Good to many

“For I am not seeking my own good but the good of the many…” 1 Corinthians 10:33 Taken out of context, this important statement by the Apostle Paul is hard to understand for it raises a number of questions that cannot be answered on the basis of the statement taken by itself. For example, is […]

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Vacancy : Full-time Music Ministry Co-ordinator

Vacancy Full-time Music Ministry Co-ordinator A suitable candidate will have excellent administrative and inter-personal skills, the ability to handle fees and student intake for our Saturday Music School (The Music Factory) and proficiency in MS Office and Mac. An ability to read music and operate sound and audio visual equipment is an advantage. Responsibilities include […]

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Ascension REACH 2

Ascension Day: A Time to Pray

  This Ascension Day (14th May 2015), REACH South Africa is once again calling our congregations to a day of prayer and fasting. Looking around our country it’s clear that this is a timely call. The ugly incidents of Xenophobia as well as distressing acts of violent crime are causing much anxiety. There is also […]

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Are you trying to domesticate God?

Ever wonder if you are domesticating God? Andre answers below to shed some light on the topic. Dog breeding has become a science. Once ferocious wild dogs and wolves have, over the centuries, been bred into domesticated, loveable pets that sit on your lap and sleep on your pillow.   We have even bred dogs for […]

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How did we get the Bible?

Andre answers the question of how we got the Bible. William Tyndale grew up in England in the 1500’s. Back then ordinary people did not own Bibles; they had to go to church to hear what the Bible had to say.   The church, at the time, believed that only the Pope and priests were educated […]

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Good Friday statement from the Primate of Kenya

This was a message from the Primate of Kenya posted in response to the massacre that took place at a Kenyan University. My dear Brothers and Sisters, On this Good Friday we gather in our churches across Kenya in the shadow of a great and terrible evil. People who deal in death have slaughtered 147 […]

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