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Are you trying to domesticate God?

Ever wonder if you are domesticating God? Andre answers below to shed some light on the topic. Dog breeding has become a science. Once ferocious wild dogs and wolves have, over the centuries, been bred into domesticated, loveable pets that sit on your lap and sleep on your pillow.   We have even bred dogs for […]

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How did we get the Bible?

Andre answers the question of how we got the Bible. William Tyndale grew up in England in the 1500’s. Back then ordinary people did not own Bibles; they had to go to church to hear what the Bible had to say.   The church, at the time, believed that only the Pope and priests were educated […]

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Good Friday statement from the Primate of Kenya

This was a message from the Primate of Kenya posted in response to the massacre that took place at a Kenyan University. My dear Brothers and Sisters, On this Good Friday we gather in our churches across Kenya in the shadow of a great and terrible evil. People who deal in death have slaughtered 147 […]

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Katlego Meslane made a Deacon

Dear brothers,Today I had the joy to be involved in the service at Christ Church Strand where Katlego was made a deacon. He has been a great blessing there as he has served in children’s and youth ministry under Peter Makapela. It was great to see so many in the community supporting him. Gavin Millard […]

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Is Corporate Confession of Sin Enough?

“Why is it easier to confess our sin to a dreadfully holy God than to another justified sinner? The answer is simple. We are actually confessing our sins to ourselves, not God, and then granting ourselves absolution. Unfortunately, this sort of self-forgiveness can never lead to a breach with sin.” “Therefore, confess your sins to […]

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Song Ideas for Easter

We recently asked Cameron Shabangu from Southern Cross Church for some ideas for songs for Easter. These are his suggestions.   1. This is amazing grace – Phil Wickam   2. Come behold the wondrous mystery – Matt Papa   3. The Lamb of God – Vertical church   4. Jerusalem – CityAlight   5. […]

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Taking God At His Word

Andre below writes about Kevin DeYoung’s new book, “Taking God at His Word.” I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kevin DeYoung’s book, Taking God At His Word, about the authority, sufficiency, reliability and clarity of Scripture.  It’s an easy read and very, very good.  Kevin avoids all the technical jargon and gets to the heart of the issues.  You […]

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How do we hear God’s words?

Ever wondered how we hear God speak today? Andre seeks to answer that very question below. Many people today claim to hear or speak words that come from God.  From those who hear God speaking to them in a “still, small voice” to the preachers on TV claiming to have a new revelation from God.  […]

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What is Anglicanism? J. I. Packer answers.

Ever wonder what it means to be an Anglican? Below is J. I. Packer’s understanding of what it means to be Anglican. J.I. Packer: “I identify myself as a heritage Anglican, or a main stream Anglican, on the basis of that view of things. I adapt to state my Anglican identity, words from the great […]

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Why we use the Prayer Book

Why do we use the prayer book? That is a good question that Andre answers below. On Sunday I led our church through some set prayers in our REACH SAPrayer Book.  Non-conformists, more independent types might want to deride me as being too clinical and stayed, not allowing “the Spirit to move”.   “We need to […]

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