With effect from January 2010 Arise Ministry will become an officially recognized Cape Regional ministry. Although Geoff Gertzen and the congregation will continue to provide support, it will no longer be a St Stephen’s Church Claremont ministry.


God willing, by the end of the year they will move the whole operation down to Heideveld. The building project at St Thomas Church Heideveld has begun. Upon completion it will provideĀ a ministry facility for abused children plus a small flat for Debbie and her family. The total cost is R1.4 million. They already have R550,000 in the bank. If you would like to contribute in any way please contact Debbie Burt.


Arise Ministry is a registered Non Profit Organization with a tax exemption number. This is a very exciting development for the Cape and I would ask you to please give it your full support. You can find out more from their new website: