THE “Go Mission” trip to Na­mibia of 2009 was a week away from departure when a couple who had planned to be a part of the team had to withdraw. They were given a gospel opportunity of a dif­ferent kind.

This caused a dilemma for the team. So we were asked to join the team with only four days left. God proved his faithfulness by providing all our needs – we did not even have a passport at the time and we were faced with many other challenges.

As a result we have seen God’s mighty hand at work not only in our lives but in the lives of many who have been a partnering in the gospel in Namibia.

We are humbled by the privilege and the opportunity and are praying that our Heavenly Father would keep us faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, and that by the power of the Holy Spirit many lives may be changed as we serve Him.

Please pray for:

• Tish Hanekom (CESA Missionary in Namibia). The floods have caused much damage and she is unable to move about with her current vehicle. She desperately needs a 4×4 vehicle that will enable her to go into areas that a normal vehicle cannot.

• The ongoing gospel work in Ovamboland. Pray for the church leadership and for those who have recently become Christians.

Robbie and Michelle Daries have recently committed themselves to serve as coordinators of the Churches for Namibia Mission team.

For any enquiries or if you desire to support gospel work in Namibia, please contact: Robbie 082 772 2644 / Michelle 082 821 8071 or 021 697 2351 (H).