The 11th annual Cross Word Cape Youth Camp was held in Stellenbosch for 6 days in December 2009. Every time I leave Cross Word Camp I find myself saying that it was the best camp ever and this year was no exception. The Camp has developed over the years into a not-to-be-missed experience.

There is something really amazing about a camp where well over 400 young people come together for a whole week to feast on God’s Word and it really was a great feast. Gary Bedderson was our main speaker. He had suffering a huge heart attack a month before the camp, but God graciously restored Gary’s health and gave him the strength and energy to open up John’s first letter for us and show us how much God has loved us and how we ought to love one another and how as God’s children we can be assured of Salvation – this is where the camp got it’s name – for Christians salvation through Christ Jesus is a ‘Sure Thing’. The other speakers were Alistair Anderton who took us through a few of Paul’s prayers to show us what God has to say about prayer and to challenge us to pray as God wants us to pray. Jason Palacio challenged us to ‘Wise Up’ as he helped us the understand the book of Proverbs and why as Christians we need God’s wisdom. And Doug Wannenburgh reminded us of the great news of the Gospel as he took us through a few parables in Luke’s Gospel – a great reminder of God’s amazing grace.

On Cross Word Camp, on top of all the great bible teaching that happens in the main sessions, there were many other activities that happen during the week. There was small group time, lots of free time, meal time, sport and games time, the infamous Fun-Razor – all of these times were excellent opportunities for the young people to develop friendships that will, God willing, last into eternity. There were also Elective sessions where practical issues were dealt with – real issues that Christian young people are faced with – things like relationships, technology, image, and many other topics were dealt with so that young people can learn how to live as Christians in a world that is opposed to the Gospel.

As the leaders of Cross Word Camp we pray that the great truths that were taught and heard on Cross Word 2009 would be planted deeply in the hearts of all the young people who attended. Over the years we have witnessed our incredible God doing great things in the hearts and lives of many young people – he has challenged and changed people through the preaching and teaching of his word and our prayer is that in the years ahead many more young people would be spurred on to live with Jesus as their King so that through the work done on Cross Word Cape Youth Camp his Kingdom would be extended and his great name glorified. And to this end we will keep on keeping on.