17 March

About 25 leaders arrive at St James for Crossword Kids Camp training. There is a general buzz of excitement as Chråis Ebden (camp speaker) goes through the teaching material for camp and Andre Visagie (camp director) chats through the programme we will be running. This year we are introducing a camp band. Andrew Barnes (keyboard and vocals) heads this up and the camp song is already being practiced. Can’t wait for camp!

7 April | 3pm

Just arrived on camp (Rocklands in Simonstown), the weather is a little cold but clear skies! Jenni Galloway and Melissa Byne are setting up registration and getting the packs ready for the kids. The theme is “crossword news network” (cnn). each child will get a booklet and a badge with the memory verse (luke 1:4). As a leader, I get one of the CNN T-shirts. Jeff Cairns (our sound/tech guy) is setting up as well as the rest of our crossword band arrives… Warren (Bass), Paul (Drums)!


Kids start arriving. Kids from all over the Western Cape attend Crossword Kids camp including Hermanus and Paarl. Once they have settled their stuff in the dorms, they start to explore the campsite.


Andre calls for supper time and camp officially starts. It is so awesome to see kids chatting and eating together, having come from various ethnic and economic situations. Yay for the uniting Gospel of Jesus!


The first session starts. We meet in the auditorium for a time of praising God, hearing God’s Word taught and praying. We are working through some encounters with Jesus found in Luke’s Gospel – the kids are encouraged to trust Luke’s investigated account. Eventually after a team building game, hot chocolate and a leaders’ meeting (prayer and trouble-shooting), we all head to bed.

8 April | 7am

All the leaders meet for a little while to pray, chat about the programme and the day.


Kids are working on their Quiet Times. For some of the children, this is the first time they have every done a QT. (St Matthews donated a whole bunch of Bibles, so we can give some of these children their very own Bible as well.)


Morning starts with yummy breakfast from the Rocklands staff (they are amazing!). Another great session, learning about Jesus encounters from luke. After each session we get into smaller groups and really discuss what we have just heard and how to further apply it to our lives. We also get time to pray. my group starts out a bit nervous to pray, but by the end of camp they are all praying and grappling with what they are learning. Afterwards we go back to the auditorium for a review game run by Lauren from St Matthews. It is really encouraging how much the children are learning and remembering. crossword Kids camp Soccer World cup! We split the children up across ages and churches into “play” teams. This helps them to meet other children and learn how to love and serve each other. Across the camp time we do various activities aimed at encouraging children with different gifts and talents. Today we play a soccer round robin. Games are 10 minutes long and then the teams rotate. Guest referees do a great job making sure the rules are kept and the kids have fun. eventually it is a showdown match with the orange team winning. Special mention to a camper who scored a goal across from the opposite side of the field (he was the goalie!). The rest of the day rushes past with team activities, another great session – definitely have our camp song “I want to be like Jesus” stuck in my head.


Eventually the day starts slowing down – hot chocolate, leaders’ meeting and bed. When I get back to my dorm, all my kids are already asleep.

9 April | 7am

Last day! It is storming as I make my way to leaders’ meeting. We think of awards to give to encourage children and chat about all the exciting Gospel opportunities we have had. The behaviour of the children on camp has been really encouraging. Kids start to move about and the weather holds off. One last session reminding ourselves of what it means to meet and follow Jesus. Lauren (St Matthews) and Christina (The Message) finish off the last teaching session with a massive review game. As Andre winds up camp with awards and thanks, it is so clear that God has

been at work. He gifted our camp speaker – Chris! He enabled our musicians, He raised up leaders, He made sure the right kids came and were in the right groups, He spoke to many children and made sure they went home changed. As we pack up and give the kids QT material to take home, it is encouraging to see how many kids take the booklets (made available in Afrikaans too – hopefully next year in Xhosa as well!).


Pack up time. Can’t wait for next year’s camp. But going home to sleep!