It was reported that the Reverend Adriano Albino has returned to the Lord, on Monday 25th May 2021 at Oshakati State Hospital. 

The Reverend Albino was a close hand man of the Right Reverend Peter T Kalangula before he was ordained. He became one of the founding members of the Church of England in Namibia in 1969. While serving under Bishop Kalangula, he became a Lay Catechist and preacher in Christ Church Ondangwa and subsequently a Presbyter.

Born in Anglola, Tate Albino immigrated into Johni (South West Africa) Namibia in the late 1950 or early 1960s. From the Evangelical Synod in Angola (IESA) that he was, he became an Anglican during the ministry of Rev, later Bishop Peter Kalangula. Tate Albino has been skillful in handiwork such as construction and building so, together with some others, he volunteered to work in the construction of the current church building, Christ Church at Ondangwa which was completed and dedicated for its work to the glory of God by Bishop Stephen Bradley June 1983

Along Victor Weyulu, Elifas Kanime, and George Hikumuwah; he was prepared for ordained ministry by Bishop Stephen Bradley and Bishop Dudley Ford. They were ordained in the mid-1980s. After his ordination, he continued to serve at Christ Church-Ondangwa, under Bishop Kalangula. He was later transferred to St John’s Church, at Oshuushe where he ministered till his retirement and even post retirement. He established an outstation at Onanime near by his house.  

He was very humble and gentle in his approach and he loved the Lord and his church. 

I hereby designate Reverend Josia Kuduva of Ondangwa to be a liaison between family and the church in terms of funeral arrangements. Plans for memorial and funerals programs are underway and will be announced in due course. 

His dear wife died earlier and he remarried. Therefore leaves behind his wife and children.

We thank God for his faithfulness and for using people like Rev Albino to build his church and gospel ministry in Namibia

Issued by Bishop Lukas Katenda