In the weeks that passed, Emmanuel Church Phoenix had a wonderful opportunity not only to serve our local community, but also the needs and challenges of many foreign nationals who were displaced during the recent Xenophobic attacks.  The township of Phoenix was chosen as one of a few camps set up in the wider Etekweni municipality  to house people impacted by this sad situation. Phoenix had the largest number of people housed there, with numbers going up to four thousand, (women, men and children). Phoenix itself is home to more than half a million Indians! For almost a week, a sports field was turned into a “global village” surrounded by police and guards patrolling the areas and restricting access for obvious reasons.
On Sunday the 19th of April whilst we gathered for communal worship, a plea was made to the congregation highlighting the need and plight of these dear people and by lunch time, our little “sandwich factory”started. By the end of the afternoon, we raised enough money to make eight hundred sandwiches, purchase twenty kilograms of polony, a few tubs of margarine and ultimately make a small dent for the Gospel.
Our gesture was warmly welcomed by the Red Cross and our church community reaped the blessings of serving and christian fellowship.
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 From Julian Pillay (Rector Emmanuel Church Phoenix).