“I am an Ambassador for Christ.”  This was very much the conclusion of 50 members of the congregation of Emmanuel Church (Port Elizabeth) when they signed up for the “Just Start Talking” course.   This personal witnessing course comes from Evangelism Ministries in Sydney and is designed to help believers share their faith in a natural way that suits the individual’s personality and reflects their genuine desire to share a Jesus they know personally.

As a result of what they learned many believers have been encouraged to prayerfully ‘plant a seed’ in conversations where they would normally remain silent.  There was a real ‘buzz’ each week as the groups shared about the outcomes of their witnessing opportunities.  Without a doubt this course has helped to raise the church’s vision for reaching the lost and to keep evangelism at the forefront of Emmanuel’s overall ministry training profile.

It is amazing what doors the Lord opens when His people are prayerfully willing to ‘just start talking’.

For more info on the course check out:  http://www.evangelismministries.org.au/resources/index.html

Written by Glenn Lyons