Eating from dirty diapers, digging for spiders in bat poo, munching dog food. Sound like your worst nightmare? Well for the kids at Muizenberg Community Church, it was all part of the fun during the Fear Factor Holiday Club held December 15-18, 2009!

Aside from facing their fears of all things gross and scary, the 25-30 kids who attended learned they do not have to fear God’s wrath, death, suffering or the devil if they trust in Jesus. Each morning the kids gathered to sing praise songs, learn Bible memory verses, and study the Bible in small groups. The children worked through the booklet “Who Will Be King?” (“Two Ways To Live” for kids) and were invited to receive Christ during each lesson. Praise God for the children who made the decision to receive Christ throughout the week! They also learned from people in the Bible like Daniel that they do not have to fear suffering or dying. In between they learned teamwork as they competed in challenges testing their ability to dig in guano (bat poo) for spiders or put their faces in green jelly to find worms. Their leaders competed for team points by eating dog food or the contents of a dirty diaper. The big hit of the day was the review game as the kids answered questions from the lesson of the day and tried to earn points for their team through a challenge, such as spinning the wheel and eating their least favorite vegetables.

Throughout the week, the Lord provided at every step. He brought over 20 volunteers/leaders to help in various capacities, whether working in the kitchen to prepare for challenges, leading small groups, or being a part of the music team. Six MCC youth were active in the week, taking over for sick teachers, leading games, and even doing clean-up duty. Director Susan Newkirk also saw true CESA teamwork in action as several people from other churches in the area helped make the holiday club happen. The children’s workers at “The Message” helped plan the week, loaned all the scenery, props and signs needed, and gave MCC copies of games and activities. Jo Taylor from “St. Stephen’s” also wrote part of the curriculum used. MCC could not have done it without the help of so many! Thank you!