HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Scottburgh ran its fifth holiday club in the last week of June. Our theme was ‘Pirates’ and as true pirates, we began looking for treasure, the treasure Paul speaks about in Philippians 3:8, that “nothing is as wonderful as knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. I have given up everything else and consider it all rubbish. All I want is Christ.” This is the memory verse we taught the kids each of the four days of the club. We also worked through Philippians in four sessions, looking at how we make Christ the most important person in our lives. We didn’t only spend time in God’s word as a large group and in small groups, but we also played many games and even sent the 50 odd kids on a treasure hunt around the church property. We even had a plank for the kids to walk; after playing minute-to-win-it with the kids, the loser got to walk the plank. Great fun was had by all, including our leaders and two students we ‘borrowed’ from George Whitefield College.

On the Friday night we invited parents to join us as; kids and parents dressed up as pirates for a recap of the week. The kids taught the parents the theme song, which reminded us “to keep on going on towards the prize” – the prize of heaven, as Paul puts it in Philippians. All in all we learnt a lot about the prize of heaven and had a lot of fun. Thank-you to our church members who helped with the running of the club and providing the things we needed. Our prayer is that the word of God the kids heard will be watered by the Lord and that kids will bring their parents to church with them in future.