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With the Easter weekend just over two months away it is already time to start planning what you and your church are going to do to make the most of the opportunity that this season presents. Below are some ideas that will hopefully get you thinking about advertising campaigns and content for the actual services.

1. There is nothing boring about the Easter Story

2. Jesus Gave it All (video)


3. Newspaper Collage

Newspapers are filled with headlines, some good and some bad. People are familiar with reading these – shooting, floods, economic downturn, etc. Fill a postcard with a collage of these headlines, and then in the middle of the card in a different sized and coloured text, display a headline with a positive message about Easter. For example:

  • ‘Death defeated by love’, or
  • ‘Death swallowed up in victory’, or
  • ‘Jesus destroys death and offers eternal life’, or
  • ‘Jesus: Hope now available beyond the grave’, or
  • ‘Jesus Gave it All’

4. You could use the Thursday Evening for a Gathering…

Easter Ideas Thursday










5. These are Videos from St Helen’s, Bishopsgate


6. A Social Media Easter


What plans do you have this Easter?

Don’t miss the opportunity this Easter to Share Life Eternal!