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Ahoy me maties! Are ye ready for a swashbucklin’ pirate adventu-rrrrrrr? If you happened to drive past Christ Church North Coast from 9–12 July 2013, you may have seen an unusual sight: a big pirate-ship jumping castle loaded with kids and the sound of Arrrrrrr and Aye Aye Captain! For four days, the church building was transformed into an old pirate ship and underwater world, geared for an epic pirate adventure on the seven seas in search of the Forever Treasure. Landlubbers aged 5 to 9 were welcomed aboard to lend a hand to Capt’n Liks and her motley crew: Debbie, Angus “the Scotsman”, Shem, Sean and George, our parrot. Good thing too, for what an adventure we had: there were storms, we were shipwrecked on Num-Num Island, we met Crazy Pete and had to dodge nasty Capt’n No Beard, who was also in search of the treasure. Along the way, our landlubbers were taught the ropes of being ‘Bible pirates’. Their training included learning how big (and we mean Really BIG!), loving and forgiving our God is, from the book of Jonah. And the best place we see how Really BIG God’s love is for us, is in sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. There were loads of pirate activities to be enjoyed, including puppets, craft s, food-fun activities, cannonball shooting, treasure hunts, face-painting, balloon-sword-making, lively songs and games. It was a thrilling four-day adventure. With our pirate training behind us, our crew was ready to find the Forever Treasure. Everyone was surprised that nasty Capt’n No Beard had found the Forever Treasure before us – and it was in the Bible. That’s right, the only treasure that is really forever is in God’s Word, where we can learn all about Jesus.

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