KZN Women

The KZN Women’s Convention, held centrally in Westville each year, has become a much-anticipated event on the annual regional calendar. Through Bible teaching and fellowship, the goal is that Christian women will be equipped to make an impact for Christ wherever they are.

This year we were delighted to have Lesley Ramsay with us as speaker. Lesley’s topic for the convention was “staying the course: making it to the end, safe in God’s hand.” she writes:

“It is a great joy to live as a servant of Christ, but an even greater joy to die as a servant of Christ. But how do we make sure that we remain faithful till the end? There is so much around us to tempt us away from staying true to Jesus. The Letter to the Hebrews is a wonderfully rich book to teach and encourage

Christi ans to persevere to the end.” Lesley’s three talks from Hebrews were wonderfully rich and encouraging, serving to convict our oft en stubborn hearts of their proneness to drift away from Christ, and full of gentle reminders of the love of God. The 220 women who attended the convention on 10 November, of varying ages and backgrounds, were challenged to keep trusting Christ and God’s unfailing promises of a wonderful and undeserved eternity reserved for those who persevere to the end.

Related to the theme of perseverance, there were two shorter sessions dealing with issues Christi an women face: Nerena Nethercoat, a student worker on Howard campus, took us through a portion of Colossians and helped us think through some of the challenges of evangelizing non-Christi an family members. Anne Barkhuizen, a pastor’s wife and mother to two grown children, gave some really thoughtful insights and practical help on perseverance in raising a Christian family. All the talks can be found on the EnTrust website for free download at

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