A Must at Mid-year

‘Let us not give up meeting together’ is one of the Hebrews commands to Christians. No doubt it’s meant to be worked out in a bunch of different ways. And the Western Cape’s Mid-Year Conference (MYC) is one such outworking – and a particularly meaningful one for students.

MYC has always been a great opportunity for young people to come together, sit under the teaching of God’s word, and be inspired to keep living for Jesus. This year was no different as we heard the book of Joel being expounded by Justin Mote. We were taught about an ancient day of judgement which was in fact a gracious signpost for an even more awful day still to come. Joel’s message is the gospel, calling sinners to return to God in sincere repentance. Unmissable stuff!

But the thing that marks out MYC from many other get-togethers is a commitment to equipping Christians to handle God’s word. To that end there were workshops every day where students pored over various passages, working out their meaning, and considering their impact. Students who were on camp for the first time were given tools to tackle the New Testament, while others sank their teeth into an Old Testament passage, a systematic approach to the Bible, or some in-depth OT application. The first day of camp sometimes has students feeling a bit daunted by the task ahead. But as they work together, they invariably become excited by the clarity of God’s word and the insights they are able to make.

It’s also always very busy on camp, with additional seminars dotted about the programme. This year, for the first time, seminars were included to help students think through their youth and kids ministry. Scott Tubman and Jo Taylor stepped in to help lead those sessions.

All of that hard work was matched by a very chilled atmosphere. Arriving at Rocklands, in Simonstown, always feels a bit like getting to a holiday resort. Afternoons were filled with beach trips, football, touch rugby, and of course every kind of mocha-choca-chakalaka-chino imaginable. All in all, it was a fantastic time away. Or, in the words of one of the students,

“MYC was amazin! It was great 2 learn tools which we can put in 2 practice in our quiet times and bible studies. Amazin fellowship in a beautiful place!”

Amen to that! And bring on 2010!