Statement on the Jesmond Consecration

By REACH-South Africa

The Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of S.A.


It is noted that bishops of REACH-South Africa (The Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church – SA) participated in the consecration of the Rev. Jonathan Pryke on 2 May 2017 (St. Athanasius Day) in Newcastle, UK.

REACH-SA bishops have regularly stood in to help with ordinations and other episcopal ministry to the Jesmond Parish Church due to its members being in impaired communion with their own diocesan bishop. The REACH-SA bishops have been willing to provide this type of service on the basis of a longstanding friendship and theological affinity.

The consecration of Rev Jonathan Pryke was an inevitable result of the need to provide ongoing episcopal ministry to Jesmond Parish Church, related churches and proposed new churches in a more sustainable way. The consecration by the REACH-SA bishops took place in response to a personal request from the Jesmond Parish Church leadership, after prayerful consultation with Anglican communion leaders, and according to the REACH-SA bishops’ conscience and theological judgment. Those who participated in the consecration are duly and legally consecrated bishops within the Anglican tradition.