Christ Church Umhlanga: Holiday Bible Club 2009


It was with great excitement that Christ Church Umhlanga prepared to hold its first Holiday Bible Club at its new site this year. The new building and facilities were a fantastic venue for the club and something that we continue to thank God for providing. The club ran from 30 June – 3 July, with a special family service on Sunday 5th.


Because the site had not had a holiday club before the church was apprehensive concerning the number of children that would come. The area where the church is situated contains a number of churches and there were at least two other churches holding Holiday Bible Clubs during the same week. With much prayer for the club, its teaching and its leaders; we also asked God to send us 50 children. The night before holiday club 34 had children signed up to attend. On day one 50 children arrived!! God had answered prayers and he continued to do so. By the end of the week 84 children had passed through the doors! There was much to praise God for.

The club was called “The Mystery of the King”; it revolved around a drama involving two bumbling palace guards called Stan and Ernie. Using the Bible for clues, Stan and Ernie brought different kings from the Bible out of the ‘time travel panel’ each day, in a bid to find the everlasting king. Their motives were slightly impure in that they wanted to find the everlasting treasure that belonged to the everlasting king! We met King Saul, King David and King Solomon (some of the children wanted to know why King Solomon was a Zulu – Khulula thanks for doing a great job of acting Solomon!). Eventually one of Jesus’ friends came out of the time travel panel and it became clear that Jesus is the everlasting king that they were looking for. His everlasting kingdom and treasure could be found in heaven.


Much fun and hilarity was had by all. The leaders although inexperienced were committed and enthusiastic and built good relationships with their groups. Overall the club exceeded our expectations and for that we give God the glory. We pray that next year we will once again have the opportunity to reach the children in our community with God’s Word.