amazing race,, day 2 039

St Luke’s Port Shepstone held its annual holiday club from 25–28 June. We had between 80–90 kids each day. We are also grateful to have had the opportunity to reach out to a group of less privileged children; we had 25 kids from Rehoboth Children’s Home join us. Our theme was ‘The Amazing Race’. we had games and activities similar to the television show and the kids had great fun. Our Bible theme was ‘The Race to eternity’. It was so rewarding at the end of the week when a lot of children indicated that they understood the gospel and were ready to enter through the narrow gate that leads to eternity. What a precious moment.

On the last day of the holiday club we used our closing session as an opportunity to reach out to the parents of the children. We invited parents and grandparents to join us for our closing session. The children sang the songs that they learned during the week, we showed the Power-Point presentation of the Bible talks we heard during the week and a slide show of the activities of the week. It was a wonderful gathering.

We give thanks to God for a blessed and fruitful holiday club, and most of all for the privilege of teaching children the Bible. This holiday club has presented us with another ministry opportunity of reaching out to the kids at Rehoboth Children’s Home.

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