This  is our 2nd year to do a Mission in Tweespruit,  St James Bloemfontein partnered with four other churches; Christ Church Blairgowrie (Gauteng), Queenswood Community Church,  Botshabelo  and Emmanuel Bloemanda (Free State). The group comprised of approximately 40 people.

The outreach period was 5 days, 2 of which were spent at Maselspoort  (our base where we had great accommodation and excellent food – thanks to Reg Krohn). Here we did our training for the mission as well as Bible Studies with the Youth. Then the following 3 days we travelled to Tweespruit in the mornings returning to Maselspoort in the afternoons. There were 3 outreach points – Maselspoort (Bloemfontein), Taba Pachwa  and Westminster both in Tweespruit.  What we did there: Kids and  a youth program ran simultaneously, sharing the Gospel  in different ways and playing sport with them.

God was good to us by giving us safe traveling everyday and supplying all our needs. There were great opportunities to tell many children and teens about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and His free gift of eternal life if they would put their trust in Him. It was a huge success as we made many new friends  from different walks of life. We lived and shared the Gospel in harmony as we enjoyed each others company and socialized together. We give our Lord Jesus the glory for all that happened at the Mission.

Terence Cornelissen

St James BloemfonteinYouth Leader.

The youth mission, which was held in the September holidays, made a huge impact on my life.

As we headed out to Thaba Phatjwa every day, I prayed to God that He would lead me in teaching the children and that he would give me the wisdom and insight needed, which could only come from the Holy Spirit working in me. It was not through my own power that the message was carried across, but through God alone. Through prayer I asked for a clear perspective on what was to be done and how to glorify God.

I can truly, out of the depth of my heart, say that this mission was a blessing in my life.  Whenever I am struggling as a Christian in proclaiming the Gospel, I can look back and be encouraged by the work God has done at the Mission and the strength He gave me in proclaiming His Word to strangers, even under pressure. The more we did it, the easier it became.

I want to thank all my brothers and sisters in Christ, who helped me carry out my duty and thank God, who was my ultimate strength behind it all.

Thank you also to everyone who prayed, because prayer is very powerful, and even though we may not realize what is happening, God fulfills His plans, regardless of anyone who might have false motives.

I am absolutely overjoyed that God used me to help fulfill His wonderful plan.

Michelle van der Berg

St James, Bloemfontein