Jeremiah Zondi would have celebrated his 50th birthday this coming December. He is survived his wife Eunice and his three children. He was a faithful hard working selfless servant of Jesus who worked tirelessly for the salvation of those amongst whom he served. In addition to serving his lively and growing home church –  Christ Church Kwa Mashu – he also served 7 branch congregations scattered throughout the surrounding rural areas.

When I had the privilege of preaching for him, the two things that impressed me about his church was how many men there were and how many young people there were. The church has a vibrant and faithful testimony in the area. Jeremiah trained up young men and sent some of them to college against great financial odds, he also hosted health clinics at the church for the community.

One day I preached for him and an interesting thing happened: a member of the congregation had bought a new car. After the service the whole congregation gathered around it and laid hands on it, and Jerry prayed for safety and gave thanks for it. He explained to me that the reason for the ceremony was to teach his people to see all good gifts as coming from God, and not from the ancestors. Apparently pagan ceremonies are held in honor of the ancestors on such occasions.

Rev. Jeremiah was a godly, hard working man of integrity who quite literally gave his life in service of his King, in response to his King having given his life for him. He will be missed.