Ascension REACH 2

This Ascension Day (14th May 2015), REACH South Africa is once again calling our congregations to a day of prayer and fasting. Looking around our country it’s clear that this is a timely call. The ugly incidents of Xenophobia as well as distressing acts of violent crime are causing much anxiety. There is also a growing restlessness and dissatisfaction that is of great concern to many. Added to this we see our country struggling to cope with infrastructure breakdown (Eskom) and battling to make progress against many economic and political challenges.

Unlike others, God’s people need not stand helpless on the sidelines. Not only should we be doing and encouraging right but we can also call on the King of Heaven to intervene in our land. Biblical history teaches us that God opens great gospel opportunities in the most difficult of times. But we must watch and pray for it.

Within our REACH family we also need to be praying for God to guide us as we make decisions on leadership for our denomination. We are grateful for a new generation of bishops and ministers but also need to seek God’s guidance and wisdom as we call on Him for gospel growth in our communities. Many people are losing hope in earthly systems and solutions. This is not a time to shrink back but rather for us to proclaim Christ to our land.

Let us all commit to setting aside Ascension Day to come before the Lord as God’s people. Perhaps organize a sunrise to sunset fast in your local church, replacing meals with prayer. Alternatively, as a family or a small group of work colleagues or friends, take time to pray together for our country and Christ’s church.

May our God be pleased to hear our prayers and answer them according to His will and good purposes.

God, the King of glory, you have exalted your only Son Jesus Christ with great triumph to Your Kingdom in heaven; leave us not desolate, but send Your Holy Spirit to strengthen and exalt us to where our Saviour Christ has gone before; who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God for evermore. Amen.”

  • Sunday after Ascension Collect

Prayer Guide

Confession (Daniel 9:4-11; 1 John 1:9)

Failure to confess and repent of sin is the cause of much grief in our lives and in our land. Call on the Lord in repentant confession of sin today. Pray for revival to come to Christ’s church in South Africa.

Praise (Psalm 98; Colossians 1:15-20)

Give thanks to our God for His mercy to us in Jesus. Reflect on the majesty and supremacy of our Saviour Jesus. Marvel at God’s love for us sinners shown at the cross. Sing the praises of our Redeemer.

Petition (Philippians 4:4-7; 1 Timothy 2:1-6)

  • Pray for our land and its rulers. Pray for our president and all in authority, that they may govern rightly and wisely. Ask God to give leaders boldness to lead and conviction to be just in all their dealings. Pray particularly for God to frustrate the plans of criminals and troublemakers in our land. May God protect and encourage all who work to bring peace, safety, health and order to our country.
  • Pray for Christ’s church in Southern Africa. Call on God to give us courage and faithfulness in our Christian life and witness. May the Spirit of Holiness be at work in our lives enabling us to be examples of Godliness and attractive ambassadors for Christ. Pray for gospel centred growth in all our churches and for God to open doors for us to establish works in new communities. Pray for our Bible College (GWC) asking God to raise up even more workers to be trained there. Pray for God to give wisdom to our leadership as they seek to make Kingdom minded decisions for REACH-SA’s new presiding bishop and other strategic positions. Lift up our missionaries, ministers and their families as they serve the Lord. Ask God to equip, protect and strengthen them for their task. Pray for your local church and its ministers and workers. Pray that the Gospel of grace may be clearly proclaimed in our pulpits and shared through our people.
  • Pray for God’s people. Pray for the sick, the poor, the lonely and the despairing. Lift up the families in our churches and pray God’s strength and protection on them as they live out their God given responsibilities. Pray for all believers to play their part in the place God has put them serving for His glory.

We do not make requests of You because we are righteous, but only because of Your great mercy.” (Daniel 9:18)

From Glenn Lyons