2015 was a year of many new things for Cross Word Cape Youth Camp. For the first time in 15 years we were in a new venue, there were many new faces on the leadership team, some new leadership structures, a whole heap of new first time campers and lots of new logistics to juggle. But a few things remained the same. Cross Word 2015 was, as it always has been, rooted on the glorious Word of God.

The new along with the old made 2015 a year to remember. The new venue at Rhenish Girl’s High School worked wonderfully and their newly built multipurpose hall was a wonderful place to hear God speak as His Word was preached by Grant Retief and Quentin van Rooyen.

Grant worked through the first few champers of 1 Samuel, encouraging us to see that Jesus is the leader who we so desperately need.

Quentin took us through 2 Peter to show us that in Christ we have absolutely everything necessary to live God’s way in this world while we wait for Jesus to return.

The team of leaders worked incredibly hard in their groups, sharing their lives as well as the Gospel with their campers. It was thrilling to hear throughout the week of campers who had committed their lives to Christ as Lord and Saviour and King. It is our ongoing prayer that these new disciples of Jesus will get stuck into their local church families so that others can continue to disciple them towards maturity in Christ.

All Glory be to Christ.


Article written by David Hill