“He came and preached peace to those who were far away and peace to those who were near. For through Him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.” (Eph.2:17,18)

Once again, the recent mosque attacks in Christchurch have exposed the violent potential of humankind’s sinful depravity.  Even in the haven of peaceful New Zealand we see just how ugly racial and ethnic hatred can become. As much as the nations of the world cry out for peace, it seems that deep in the human heart these divisions will not be removed. History has repeatedly shown this sad reality of our fallen world. 

The gospel proclaims a Saviour who by His death secured peace between a Holy God and sinners like us. But it does not end there, the Cross also secures peace between one another.  Initially the message of Ephesians 2 related to peace that Jesus brings to Gentile and Jew through his death (Eph.2:11-22).  That unity extends to all nations and ethnic groups around the world. 

This is our gospel.  Peace with God and peace with each other secured in Christ. It is the only hope of peace now and in eternity.  This is something we believers ought to be actively proclaiming and practicing.  Our country needs to see more visible unity and peace – and the church of Jesus should be taking the lead in that regard. 

May the Lord make us all the more a people who live out and practice the peace that Christ has won for us. 

Women’s Ministry

There are a number of consultations happening around our regions with regards to Women’s Ministry as the leadership of REACH-SA seek to affirm the ministry of women in the context of our complementarian stance.  We hope to have a working document adopted by Synod 2019.  

Church Growth

A number of our new church plants are reporting growth and progress and we delight to see signs of life in these works.  May the Lord strengthen our ministers and grant gospel growth. 


The Presiding Bishop has had several Rector’s breakfasts across the country.  These meetings are invaluable opportunities for encouragement, vision sharing and strengthened fellowship.  We delight to know that God has given us such gifted and well-trained pastors who hold firmly to the authority of Scripture and faithful gospel proclamation.   He has also been able to address several ministry training days and local church staff meetings. 

This years’ Generate conference will focus on Biblical Leadership and Preaching. Our speakers are well respected authors and teachers from Australia,  Mike Raiter and Craig Hamilton.

Post of the Month

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Prayer Items

  • Pray for the people of New Zealand and particularly the surviving victims and families of the terrorist attack.  Pray that the Lord will work what was intended for evil to accomplish even gospel good. 
  • Pray for the people affected by Cylone Idai.  Many in northern Mozambique and surrounding countries have lost their lives and thousands have been displaced.  Pray that effective aid will reach those who are suffering.  REACH-SA has been involved in a wider Anglican response through our GAFCON network. If you would like to contribute to the relief effort, please make deposits into our REACH-SA account* and reference EFT deposits with “Cyclone relief”. 
  • Pray for our country in the midst of its electricity crisis, that effective and speedy solutions will be found.  Pray for the upcoming National elections.  Pray for a peaceful process and for the Lord to raise up just and right leaders for our Land.  
  • Pray for our REACH-SA churches that our congregations will continue to hold out the Word of Life and the Gospel of peace in communities that full of brokenness, anxiety, struggle and conflict. 
  • Pray for our REACH-Namibia churches as they continue to see growth and are now seeking to elect a Bishop.  Pray that the Lord’s will be made clear. 


*REACH-SA Bank Details

Standard Bank

CESA Imprest Account

Branch Code: 051001

Account:  052 019 802