On Sunday evening 22 November Bishop Gary Bedderson joined us at St Johns Church, Bothasig as we celebrated the confirmation of  Danielle Lomas (16) and saw Tashwill Josephs (15), Wendy Punt (15), Dion Eaby (17)  and Maia D’ Almeida (16) baptised as followers of Christ. It was an incredibly exciting and emotional celebration as we heard the tale of Gods work in each of their lives in the weeks leading up to the celebration. We heard how God had brought each of them uniquely into his family through his Sovereign Grace. Many of the congregation members had been used as instruments in being part of their coming to faith and an understanding of the gospel. We are praying that each of them will become multipliers of the gospel in the generations ahead and be part of transforming our suburb for Jesus.

StJohnsbaptismNov15a StJohnsbaptismNov15b StJohns1ConfirmationNov15a