May 5th, 2020

As we enter the second month of lockdown, we commend our churches for their selfless response to the COVID19 crisis. There are many reports of generosity and kindness being shown between our church communities.  We give thanks to God for such acts of love expressed in the midst of great hardship. 

We also call on all our members to continue to adhere to the stage 4 regulations and maintain safe hygiene practices. We also advise caution with regard to the many conspiracy theories and rumours that are circulating on social media. 

REACH-SA is also not remaining silent nor are we deaf to legitimate concerns. In partnership with other church leaders, we are engaging the government with regard to the application of certain restrictions. We are also proposing amendments to regulations that will still ensure the safety of people but also allow for a more measured restoration of public meetings. We hope for a response soon. 

Going forward:

  • Keep praying (1 Tim 2:1-4). Pray for our leaders to make wise and right decisions.  Pray for the many who are struggling with reduced income and the resulting food and financial shortages.
  • Keep on caring. Help with your local church food collections, job networks, and other initiatives. This is not an optional extra, this is what Christians do (James 2:14-17). 
  • Keep up your financial commitments (Romans 13:8). This includes your local church.  If you are able, please also consider contributing to the Presiding Bishop’s Recovery Fund