How does one express in words the horror and the pain we feel when we hear of violence against our fellow human beings whoever they may be? And this feeling of revulsion and outrage is all the more real when such violation happens at the hands of those who are responsible before God to cherish and protect the vulnerable in our society. God created men to honour, respect, cherish and protect all women. And when God became a man, that is what he did – even to the point of laying down his life. Jesus was a true man and not a monster!

What have we become when something so ordinary as a visit to a post office becomes an opportunity for lust and violence or when children on their way to school and back are at the mercy of gangsters or when the aged are made the target of thugs.

For such things our God weeps and bled and died. May God have mercy on us at a time like this for we deserve His wrath. And may God grant that whoever we are we treat those made in his image with the honour and dignity that they deserve and with the grace that we ourselves want and need.