The Rev. David Arthur Streater

David and his wife Valerie, and their children came to South Africa from England in the early 1970’s and served as Rector of Christ Church, Blairgowrie where he worked for a number of years.

However, for a number of reasons he returned to the U.K. for a period before being asked to come back to what was then still known as Rhodesia serving in Fort Victoria. From there he and the family moved to Kalk Bay where he taught at the Bible Institute of South Africa (B.I.). He was particularly responsible for the Church of England students at B.I. He was known as the Warden of what was the precursor of what we know today as George Whitefield College. He had a great influence on a good number of students who are still serving in the ministry of REACH SA.

On his retirement from G.W.C. David and Valerie returned to England where he became Rector Kingham with Churchill and Daylesford in the Oxford Diocese. He joined the Church Society in 1991 until his retirement in 1998 and became House for Duty minister at All Saints Church, Odell before finally retiring in 2003 in Wales.

He passed into the presence of the Lord on Tuesday 6 March 2017.

Our sympathies go to Valerie and the rest of the family.